Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

  • what is escrow?

    Escrow is a process whereby the Customer/Employer deposits the amount that will be paid to the Tech Professional/Freelancer onto a "holding account" on IndiaFreelancer.
    This is important as the Tech Professional now knows that the money to pay him or her is there on IndiaFreelancers. It is also important because the Customer/Employer knows that the Tech Professional/Freelancer will not be paid until he, the Customer/Employer is satisfied with the work and gives the "signal" to release the money which has been held in that "escrow"account on IndiaFreelancers and pay the Tech Professional/Freelancer for the work done.
    This way every one is protected and everyone is happy. The Tech Professional knows that he/she will be paid and the Customer/Employer knows that he/she won't pay and not get anything for his or her money. Everyone is protected. Please see this YouTube video:
  • How does the Tech Professional get paid?

    The customer/employer and the Tech Professional agree on a price for the work to be done.
    The customer/employer then deposits the money agreed upon into an account on IndiaFreelancers known as an "Escrow" account. This hold the money in safe keeping and it assures the Tech Professional/Freelancer that if he/she does the work as agreed upon, he/she will be paid from the money that is in "Escrow" on
    Then, once the Tech Professional/Freelancer delivers the work to the Customer/Employer and the Customer/Employer reviews the work and is happy with the work submitted, the Customer/Employer then gives the signal to IndiaFreelancers. com to release the money which has been held in the "Escrow" account and pay the Tech Professional/Freelancer. Please see this YouTube video: